DIY wedding invitations

This blog is really a diary, a way to document the ups and downs as we turn our ugly house into a pretty home. But since our wedding is only a few months away, I can’t help but share a few details here.
This week Adam and I made it our mission to tackle wedding invites. We’re lucky enough to have two super-talented friends who agreed to design our wedding invitations for us. Once the design and wording was finalized (we gave them complete creative reign over the design, but I provided some wording suggestions), we took the invites to Staples for printing. We wanted to screenprint the invites - we loved the idea that each one would be slightly different - but decided to have the text printed to ensure that it was 100% legible. Adam did the screenprinting and it turned out great. The colour really pops and the paint adds a bit of texture to the invite.
The design is simple, but stylish and it perfectly suits the elegantly casual atmosphere we're going for with our backyard wedding. You'll notice that we decided to forgo any inserts, and opted instead to include the address of our wedding website, which has all the details our guests will need – where to stay, how to get around, what to do while they’re in town, etc. We've also asked our guests to RSVP by email, which I hope will be easier to keep track of than reply cards.
Adam and I are both really happy with how they turned out, and the fact that two of our closest friends designed and helped us make them is extra special.


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