Patio Changes

I decided to change things around on the patio. I had a few reasons, but my main one was to put the table closer to the house and closer to the grill. Light bulb moment I know.
I'm liking how it turned out so far. Though the weather of late has not been conducive to enjoying the great outdoors. A high of 53 yesterday in Texas! In May! Crazy.
(Isn't that bucket cool? My better half brought that home to me one day from an out of biz restaurant. He knows me too well.)
Anyway, changing things around on the patio led to more changes on the patio. We have a fairly large one, so it's kinda hard to make it look right. Especially because this is really the main space for my kids to play, so I don't want to fill it up with my own stuff. If-you-know-what-I-mean...
I'll reveal the rest of the patio changes (such as they are) soon. I might want the puddles to dry up first though.
Meanwhile, you can find me here... Tall glass of... ice water in hand. *sigh*

Post Script: If you are the observant sort then you may notice the fence that surrounds our pool. This is why I don't take many pictures showing the pool. Although the fence is WONDERFUL for safety, it doesn't do much for the view. (it is all totally removable though)


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