Reversible slipcover DIY

We finally got a break from the rain this weekend (don't worry - it's back already), so Adam and I took advantage of the sunny weather and spent most of Saturday working outdoors (more on that later). But first I sat down with my sewing machine to finish my first slipcover. Here's a little before and after - drum roll please:

Ta da! Can you tell I'm excited about how it turned out? Luckily the whole making it reversible thing was easier than I thought. Basically, I made two slipcovers, then sewed the bottom hemlines together so one "sits" inside of the other.

Which means I can choose between Side A:

And Side B (which really needs to be ironed, but probably won't be):

And the whole thing is easily removed for washing. Here's how it looks in our living room, where it's currently acting as a side table, but can easily be pulled out for extra seating when need be. Not bad for $10.


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