Bathroom update

Our bathroom finally has paint on the walls - lots of it. That's right, in the past three days I've painted it not once, but twice! to make a long story short. We had some extra paint laying around, that we originally bought for the kitchen but ended up not using, and I had the bright idea to use it in the bathroom instead. Beats buying more paint, right?

So on Sunday, I painted the bathroom. And on Sunday night, I decided I hated it (not the colour so much as the colour in our bathroom). In fact, I hated it so much that I bought new paint on Monday and started over. This time I went with Sico's inkling colour and I love how it turned out (thank goodness, I don't think I would've survived a third round). So much so that I even hung our new mirror, a picture and a few hooks and holders, too. I also couldn't wait to snap a few progress photos - unfortunately my camera doesn't take the best indoors-at-night photos, so you'll have to trust me that the wall colour is sort of a pewter colour (better pictures and a full budget breakdown to come).

But first, here are a few what-we-started-with photos:

And here's how the bathroom looks now, after painting, updating hardware, and installing a new vanity top:

We still need to install our new light fixture, replace the bathroom door and bring in a few more accessories, but we're nearly there. And it feels pretty darn good.


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