Closet woes

Since Hannah was born, the worst part of my day is getting dressed each morning. OK, maybe not worse than trying to soothe a fussy baby at 4am, but it's up there. Why? Partly because I'm in that awkward stage where my maternity clothes are too big (yay!) and my normal clothes are too small (boo!), but also because my closet is one. giant. mess. Like a can't-find-anything-can-barely-get-the-doors-closed mess. It's bad. So bad, that organizing my closet has suddenly moved to the top of my priority list.

My closet is a standard, double closet. It offers a lot more storage space than any of my past, apartment-sized closets, but it's no walk-in. I'd show you a picture, but then I'd die of embarrassment and I have a little one depending on me now, so...


I know, I just said it's not a walk-in. I pinned the image above because I like how the closet is organized vertically - shoes on the bottom, cubbies for folded tops and pants, a rod for items that need to be hung, and another shelf for bins and baskets on top. I can definitely see us DIY-ing something like this, except, where would my dresses go?

source: pinterest (original source unknown)

Here's another option. Again, it has space for shoes and both folded and hanging items. And it looks like the bottom shelves don't run the length of the closet, so there's room to hang dresses. I also love how this closet makes room for bags and even some jewelry.

source: the style files

This closet most closely resembles my current set-up - one long shelf, single rod, and several smaller shelves tucked into one side. I love the idea of wallpapering or stencilling my closet walls, and bonus points for being the easiest and most affordable option, since it would only really require buying paint/wallpaper and baskets for the shelves.

Whether I choose option 1, 2 or 3, the first step is going to be a major clothing purge.

So which one would you go with?


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