Tweaking our bedroom

We've done a lot of work in our bedroom, but we're still not done. I love the neutral colour scheme, but I need a bit more colour in my life. Here are a few of the changes I'm thinking about making:

1 - To add some more pops of colour to our neutral bedroom, I sewed throw pillows and hung this vintage map of Iceland (a souvenir from our honeymoon).

2 - Drawing from those two sources, I'm hoping to introduce more orange and grey into the room. I already have a large, slate-coloured honeycomb vase in the room and I painted my dipped chair with CIL's Dramatic Coral (the large swatch in the top left-hand corner).

3 - The $10 yard sale night stands I painted and trimmed out are great, but I've never loved the hardware or colour I chose. I'm thinking about painting them an orange-y red like CIL's Chinatown Orange and switching out the hardware (see #5).

4 - I'd also like to add a slate throw to the end of our bed, like this one from West Elm. I recently spotted one I liked at Winners, but I'm also thinking about dying one I already own. 

5 - I love the DIY ring pulls Sarah made for the sofa table in her living room and I think they'd look great on our night stands, so I'd like to try making my own.


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