Installing planks in the guest room

Back in April, right after we finished installing new hardwood floors, I shared my mood board for the guest room. Then the room sat there while we installed hardwood floors and new baseboards in the other bedrooms and focused on decorating the nursery for our soon-to-be-here baby.

All of a sudden it's August (seriously, how did that happen?) and my dad and his wife are arriving from Wisconsin for a few days on Saturday. So, on Monday, Adam and I bought a guest bed and some supplies. Now we're scrambling to get as much done as possible before the bed is delivered on Friday (actually Adam is doing most of the scrambling, I'm just trying not to go into labour).

As you can see in the photo above, this room has two textured walls that we're covering with horizontal T+G planks. This is Adam's progress from Day 1 (yesterday). Once the planks are up, we're going to paint the whole room in Behr's Heavy Cream. In an ideal world, the planks would be up and the room would be painted by Friday, but it's more likely that our guests will end up sleeping on a really comfortable bed in a partially panelled and painted room. I'm glad we sprung for the pillow top :)

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