Cottage Country Finds: Canadian Crown Jars

Ever since I spotted Heydey Design ceramic jars at the One of a Kind Show last year, I have wanted to have one in my house. It seemed like pure Canadiana to me and while antiquing in cottage country last week, I spotted in two different shops collections of old Canadian Crown Jars. Although I would still love one from Heyday Design, the price of the real glass ones were too good to pass up.

The weight to them is significant, and on the blue one, you can see that the glass is far from perfectly blown. Indents here and there make it feel like you're holding a piece of history. Unlike the new canning jars that you buy today these have significant weight and beautiful imperfections. I'll stop my collection here as I don't want to take away from the pleasure I have looking at these two, reminding me of our summer trip.

The blue jar I almost passed up, until the shop keeper pointed out that it had on the back T. Eaton Co. And 190 Yonge Street - the location of Eaton's as of 1883 [Source]. Although neither jar are likely worth much, they are finding spots in the (soon to be revealed) kitchen. :)

Ps., I really wanted to find an original beaver jar but I was told they are really hard to come by - and therefore, are expensive.


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