Gli Speciali di Casa Chic Feature

A few months back I was very honored and excited to be contacted from the Italian Magazine
 Gli Speciali di Casa Chic.
I got to work with a lovely lady there by the name of Annarita who did an amazing job of making our house look magazine worthy.


I did copy and paste everything into Google so that I could translate to english and see what was said.
It was all good stuff:-)

Annarita tried to send me a few copies through the mail so that I could have them as souvenir's.
I received an empty envelope instead since fedex couldn't see to it that they arrived safely.
If any of you over in Europe ever see a copy then email me and I would LOVE to reimburse you any expense to have it shipped over!

Anyway it was a fun experience and I thank Annarita for her patience and her immense talent!
Thank you!

P.S. I also saw this little shout out over on Apartment Therapy that I thought was cool! 


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