The 4 Best Antique Spots in Cottage Country

Over the last few years I've discovered a handful of great antique shops in cottage country. The recipe for the perfect shop is is location (like a barn or run down warehouse), clutteredness (there must be a thrill of finding things"), assortment of items (because each visit is different) and also - the friendliness of the owners. That for me, makes a great shop. Going into a well staged store just isn't the same. So here are what I consider to be the best 4 spots to find cool finds in cottage country this Summer.

1. Argyle Antiques
Argyle, Ontario

Argyle Antiques was my first introduction to country antiquing. Growing up my parents would drive through Argyle to get to the cottage. (See my last post on them here) In an old barn, it is stuffed with a treasure trove of fun things - and at great prices. I'd recommend popping in if you're looking for furniture - I always spot wood pieces I wish I could take home to refinish or paint. I think it's only open weekends, but if you can stop in I really recommend it. If you want to recreate our "road trip" be sure to stop in at the baker/shop across the road and pick up a butter tart. We always get one to share amongst the passengers in the car. Ps. Have to mention that the owner is really, really nice. Love this spot!

Update: Summer 2013 - It appears that this spot has changed ownership. It has been cleaned up inside and no longer has the same charm as before (and prices seem higher)

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