Two weeks of Hannah

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments about Hannah's nursery feature on Apartment Therapy!

The past two weeks have flown by and, at the same time, it's hard to believe that Hannah's only been with us for two weeks. These are just some of the photos we've snapped over the past fourteen days. Hannah's had lots of visits from family and friends, and lots of firsts - her first walk, first party, first wedding, first pair of pants, even her first trip to Home Depot ;)

We've been incredibly lucky so far. Hannah is such a good baby - it's been all sleeping, eating and pooping, with very little crying in between. For my part, I've had a few weepy moments, mostly when tired or sore or just lonely during another long, late-night breastfeeding session. But that's nothing compared to looking into Hannah's sweet face or feeling her sleeping against my chest.

We've been warned that things start to get hairy after two weeks, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that her mellow personality sticks around!


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