I took a little break from blogging last week so I could devote all my attention to moments like this one while my brother and his family were visiting. I told the girls that Hannah liked silly faces and noises, so they started jumping onto the bed and saying 'Boo!' to entertain her. So cute. The break wasn't planned, I just let it happen and I'm glad I did.

Unfortunately it was windy and rainy for most of their visit, but everyone made the best of it and we crammed in some fall activities wherever the weather would allow. Mostly it was just nice to spend time together, since we don't get to see each other nearly enough (and as great as Skype is, it can't possibly compete with real hugs and kisses from my nieces). There was also something special (and kind of crazy) about seeing my family's next generation together. Being so close in age, I can already imagine how much fun they're going to have together.

I'll be back with some house-related updates this week, but here are a few photos from last week :)


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