DIY jewellery storage

Lately, I've been trying to deal with our junk. You know, all that stuff we don't need, can't use and pretty much ignored until we were tripping over it (I swear it multiplied in the night). Some of it needed to be recycled or thrown out, a lot of it will be donated or sold in a future yard sale, some of it has already been sold on Kijiji, and a very little bit of it went into a I'm-not-ready-to-make-a-decision-about-this-yet pile. It's a multi-phase operation.

But this post isn't about my nasty hoarding habit, it's about how I turned some of that "junk" into this pretty jewellery organizer:

It started out as an empty, cheap-looking picture frame:

This is a classic case of something looking better in photos than it does in real life. A problem I would love to have, by the way. The glass was already missing, so I decided to paint the frame white and cover the backing with a scrap of leftover fabric (I secured it with spray adhesive and trimmed the edges). I had a bunch of small hooks leftover from a similar project I did a couple years ago; I eyeballed the placement using my jewellery as a guide and screwed the hooks into the frame's backing (the hooks poke through the back, so you could double up the backing with a piece of cardboard or cover each hook with a little tape to keep it from scratching the wall - I just left them).

It's going to live in my organized and pretty closet, just as soon as I finish organizing and prettying it :)


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