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As we wind down our kitchen renovations posts one important element that I need to write about our appliances. Appliances are a major financial investment in a kitchen. In some cases you may be able to work with the appliances that you already have (which saves you a fair bit of $$) but in our case, we desperately needed to purchase everything new. (Our fridge was making monster noises at night)

I initially found the selection process really overwhelming - I was considering function, quality and the aesthetically how it would look in our new renovated kitchen. We ended up falling hard for the GE Cafe collection. You can read about why we picked the collection in this post, but the rest of this particular post will give you more details on each piece.  StoveMicrowaveCounter Depth FridgeDishwasher. If you're looking for top of the line appliances that give you great style and function, I would highly recommend you consider this line by GE Cafe.

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