Headboard indecision

OK design-savvy friends, I need your help.

Our bed sits in front of an off-centre window (obviously not by choice), so we need a headboard that looks good front and back and attaches to our bed's frame. I had my heart set on an upholstered headboard with nailhead trim, but that wasn't exactly Adam's idea of a few hundred dollars well-spent (weird, I know), and I ruled out DIY-ing one as too tricky/time-consuming/costly given the conditions mentioned above. I stalked Kijiji for months, hoping that my dream headboard would magically appear, but when that didn't happen and this guy popped up instead, I decided to go for it. Also, the seller was willing to part with it for $50.

Sorry for not making the bed/cleaning up the bedside tables/actually attaching the headboard to the bed frame (it's leaning up against the wall for now). I have a cold and a baby who couldn't care less about napping.

Obviously I have to do something about the picture frames on the right. And I'm kind of over the lamp. So, Option 1 is to keep the headboard as is, switch up the frames (I'm thinking two frames in a simple stacked arrangement) and maybe nix the lamp altogether. It would be a lot less work than Option 2 (see below), but I'm worried that the black is too heavy for the room.

Option 2 is to paint the headboard. White with brassy-gold finials. Here's my inspiration:

source: country living

source: house to home

If I go the painting route, I'll probably introduce a gold picture frame or two, too.

I can't decide. What would you do?


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