diy clay tags

I was inspired to do some crafting when I saw a roundup of clay tags by Stefanie at Brooking Limestone.  These are super easy and just involves Sculpey + a stamp.  My favourite tag is the bark one - the original bark stamp is via Live. Laugh. Rowe.  I decided to make circle bark tags like she did, but also did a rectangular one (shown above)

I used a straw to punch holes in the top of each tag. Some clay pieces I left without holes and made them into seals, like the one in the last photo. Simply hot glue gun onto a parcel!

Anyhow, this project is kind of last minute fun for the holidays. Enjoy!

xo Linds

Where to buy:
Star TagStar stamp via Penny Paper Co. 
P seal - I used a toy wooden block as a stamp
S Tag - Custom Initial Stamp via Penny Paper Co.
Bark Tag - I made my own, but you can buy a similar one off Amazon 
Twine: Red + Pink Twine via Penny Paper Co. 


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