Kitchen Progress: Phase 1

{tongue and groove beadboard installed}

{first coat of primer on}

Adam took some time off over the holidays, so we got started on Phase 1 of our kitchen makeover (naturally). We took a chisel and hammer to the rest of the dusty rose tile backsplash we inherited with the house and Adam installed tongue and groove beadbord planks, which he also ran up the backs of the upper cabinets. He also brought our kitchen outlets up to code by installing GFCIs. Then we caulked all the seams, sanded the cabinets and primed everything. Next up: we paint.

So far, I'm really happy with how it's turning out (sorry for the crappy iPhone photos - a lot of the work happens in the evening, after The Bean goes to bed). I wouldn't choose beadboard for my dream kitchen, but the look works with our existing cabinets and I can't believe how much it's already transformed the space (again, sorry for the crappy photos). We tried the open cabinets for awhile before committing to the beadboard and I don't think I could go back to doors now, at least not in our tiny kitchen.

My inspiration is a cross between this:


and this:


Although Adam and I still haven't agreed on a colour for the lower cabinets. Phase 2 will involve trimming out and painting the lower cabinets, doing something about the ugly countertop and replacing the faucet. There are a few big projects planned for Phase 3 (new exterior door, new flooring, a dishwasher!!!), but I'm trying not to think about that too much right now. Gotta finish Phase 1 first.


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