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I love all the emerald I've been seeing since it was announced as the colour of the year. Blue and green are my favourite colours, so of course I love me some emerald. It's an especially luxurious shade of green, no? I just ordered some emerald green pom-pom trim for Hannah's curtains (on Etsy, in case anyone else is looking) and I'm on the hunt for an emerald dress. To be fair, I've been looking for an emerald dress ever since my friend Molly wore one to my wedding, but I'm thinking this will be the year. Or maybe I'll just ask Molly if I can borrow hers.

Here are a few links for your weekend. Have a good one!

-A couple of cute and clever ways to display your holiday cards (spotted here and here).
-For every type of holiday party, the perfect drink.
-I really need a new pair of everyday earrings. These would be perfect.
-If you have an iPhone, you might want this (Adam says he does).
-Are video games art?
-I really love the idea behind the want, need, wear, read tradition. How many gifts do you think are enough?


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