Painted nightstand 2.0

Way back in August I shared that I wanted to make some tweaks to our bedroom, including repainting our $10 yard sale nightstands and switching up the hardware. I finally got around to it a few weeks ago, but I was waiting to take pictures until I sorted out our lamp situation. Turns out the lamps I bought weren't right for the room (not to worry, they were an inexpensive Kijiji find and my mom wants them), so I shopped my house and came up with something I think I'm happy with.

I stole the lamp and alarm clock from the guest room. The lamp is pretty tiny, but perched on a stack of magazines it's just the right height. The dried hydrangeas are from my mother-in-law, the glass votive was a Christmas gift from my mom, and I found the vintage tray at Value Village a couple years ago.

The colour is C-I-L's Cinnabar. It's an orange-y coral and I just love it. Totally makes me smile every time I see it and it really warms up the room at night. Instead of replacing the hardware, I decided to gild what I already had. The difference is incredible. I went from hating the hardware to absolutely loving it. #gildingchangedmylife.

Here's how my side of the bed looks now. I'm still playing around with the styling on Adam's side of the bed, but it's very close.

I have one more DIY project planned for the bedroom and I'm hoping I receive a certain piece of art on my Christmas wish list (hint, hint family) so I can take some updated shots of the room to share with you (I've made a few other tweaks around the room, so there's lots to share).

I'm much happier with the direction of the room now. I unintentionally ended up basing the room's colour palette on the huge vintage map of Iceland hanging next to Adam's side of the bed (a souvenir from our honeymoon). Lots of neutrals with some oranges, blues and a tiny bit of deep purple. It's still coming together, but hopefully I'll have a reveal 2.0 to share with you soon!


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