Hannah's monthly photo

Hannah turned four months old last week, and since it's the holiday season, I had to put on her new snowflake tights (thanks Mom!). The biggest change from last month is that Hannah now has two bottom teeth, or at least the beginnings of teeth. She woke up at least four times one night (which is very unusual for her) and the next day I noticed two sharp little teeth poking through her lower gums. She also learned how to grab and hold onto objects recently, so now the game is to test everything out with her mouth (her hand is still her favourite thing to suck on by far, though). You have to be extra careful while eating with her on your lap, since she loves to grab plates now too ;)

She had her four month needles yesterday (she was super tough) and weighed in at a healthy 13 lbs. 9 oz. Now I know why my back is sore after rocking her to sleep!

I'm taking a photo of Hannah every month until she turns two. You can check out the rest of her monthly photos here


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