DIY painted wall hooks

One of the items on my 30 Before Thirty list is tiling the entry-way floor. I included it partly because I've never tiled anything before and I wanted to push myself to learn a new skill (much like installing hardwood upstairs), but also because our entry-way is one sad-looking spot. I want the first space I see when I walk in the door to be a pleasant one, not to mention the terrible first impression we're currently making with visitors. We're not at the tiling stage yet, but these sunny yellow hooks are at least a start to prettying up the space.

You might recognize them from this project. They work better for us this way, so I painted them with some leftover Martha Stewart craft paint and attached them to the wall using screws and drywall anchors. It took about a billion thin coats, so I would HIGHLY recommend spray paint if you're thinking about doing something similar (it's too cold to spray paint here, but painting was tedious enough that I almost wish I'd waited until spring).

Pre-hooks, Adam insisted on flinging his jacket over one of our dining room chairs instead of hanging it in the entryway closet. It drove me crazy. Now, he uses the hooks (he says they're convenient) and I'm a happy lady. Plus, I like their bright and cheery colour. Unfortunately the rest of our entryway still looks like this:

Opposite this wall, there's a decent-size closet with a set of curtains as temporary doors. They're hiding a chaotic mess of coats, shoes, hats, mitts, scarves, dog toys, a space heater (I could go on, people). When I need to go somewhere, I pull back the curtains and literally dig through a pile of shoes until I find two that match. #keepingitreal

So, here's my to do list for this space:

-Paint and install hooks near the door.
-Caulk and paint the trim around the door (not sure why we didn't do this when we moved in).
-Paint and re-hang the closet doors (they're just sitting in our garage right now). I'm thinking black.
-Clean and organize the closet.
-Replace the light fixture.
-Buy or build a bench that I can sit on while putting on shoes, especially boots
-Tile the floor and buy a new cover for the heating vent.


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