Picking out our Christmas tree

On Sunday, we went to Hutchinson Acres for our Christmas tree. There were cookies, hot drinks and a wagon ride into the woods to pick out a tree. They cut it down for you on the spot, then bale it and bring it round so you can take it home. I have great childhood memories of running around in the snowy woods at a family friend's farm, watching the adults cut down our Christmas tree, then drinking hot chocolate inside while waiting for the snow to melt off the tree as it rested against the side of the barn. I would love to give Hannah a similar experience when she's a little older and obviously I still get a kick out of picking out our tree :)

We set it up and decorated it yesterday. It's so nice to have a traditional, sweet-smelling, needle-dropping tree after last year's modern tree. This is my new view while sitting on the sofa. I love the holidays!


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