Kitchen inspiration from Oliver & Bonacini

I'm not completely loving the look of our eat in kitchen area right now. (Shown above) It's silly as it truly is quite nice. However a few things are rubbing me the wrong way. The table is a tone of wood I don't like - but on the flip side, the shape and size of the table is perfect for our home. I've looked into having it stripped and stained a new colour - but the price to do that is way out of our budget. Next - the chairs match the table, but aren't all that comfy nor do they look great. The light we have hanging above the table I think is going soon (I'll probably sell it) and I have my eye on one but it is pretty expensive - so we'll see how it plays out. All of this to explain that the eat in kitchen has been on my mind.

I had a girls day with my Mom today and we had lunch at Oliver & Bonacini's restaurant at Bayview Village. Partway through the lunch I turned to my left and looked at the above vignette and fell in love. I loved the gray with white trim, and that dark wood. And the chairs - oh, the chairs.

They were a gorgeous gray and they were comfy to sit in. I've fallen in love.

Aren't they beautiful? So the bathroom isn't done, so I'm not about to take on a new project (just yet) but I thought it was interesting where you can find inspiration - I'm now on the hunt for these chairs, and I'm now considering painting my wood table dark grey. I think it will be a budget way to get an amazing look. Anyhow, really this post is to show you the gorgeous restaurant. :) (And if you know where to get those chairs I'll hug you)

xo Linds

Ps, You can see our current table & chairs in this post


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