My top 5 summer camping essentials

The long weekend is here and we're going camping. Can you believe it will be our first camping trip of the year? And Hannah's first camping trip, period. Just for fun, I put together a list of my top five camping essentials (you know, once you've got the basics like a tent and sleeping bags covered).
  1. A comfy sweater or sweatshirt. Campfires are obviously one of the best parts of camping, but a comfy sweater on a cool night makes the campfire even more enjoyable. Better still when your comfy sweater is also cute.
  2. Since our camping trips usually involve a hike or two, I'd love to add a bento box to my stash of camping supplies. An easy and space-saving way to transport your lunch and no trash to deal with after!
  3. A good blanket is a camping must. Use it during the day to create the perfect picnic or beach spot, or at night as an extra layer around the campfire or in your tent. Plus, this one is plaid - how can you not love it?
  4. Part of why camping is so great: the food! I love a good s'more, but I hate searching for roasting sticks (probably because I never remember to go looking until after dark). I love the colourful handles on this marshmallow roasting set, but you can also make your own.
  5. There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning while camping. Seriously. Our perc isn't nearly this shiny, but I wouldn't dare leave home without it.
Any campers out there? What's on your list? Given the weather forecast for Sunday, a tarp should be #6 ;)

Here are a few camping-related links for your enjoyment. Happy long weekend! xo

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