5 DIY ideas

We spent the weekend visiting Adam's family and yesterday I had an afternoon brunch with a few girlfriends. It was lovely. Since I didn't have time for projects*, I thought I'd share a few that have been on my mind lately. Maybe you'll be inspired too!

source: Fraise Basilic

DIY washi tape magnets. So simple and so cute. My Christmas stocking was filled with pretty ribbon, so I want to try tweaking this one.

source: the hunted interior

Gold-leafed terracotta pots. This makes me excited for spring. And that I've been hoarding all those terracotta pots in the garage.

source: Babble

Vegan peanut butter pudding. Um, yes. I bought the ingredients, now I just need to make it.

source: i heart organizing

DIY chalkboard spice jars. When I organized our spices into jars a few years ago, I wrote the name of each spice on the caps with a Sharpie. It worked well for awhile, but now you can barely read them. I've been thinking about painting the caps with chalkboard paint for months, now I just need to do it.

source: design sponge

DIY dog bed. I found a beautiful pair of heavy curtains from Pottery Barn Kids while thrifting on Saturday. I don't have a place to hang them, but I'm thinking about turning them into a couple of dog beds (obviously the dog needs a bed downstairs and upstairs).

*Adam actually replaced three pairs of light switches today (they went from brown to bright white), which totally rocked my world but doesn't make for a very exciting post.


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