Weekend projects

We started sleep training and Adam got hit with a flu-like cold this weekend, so we're all a little worse for wear today. The good news is that we seem to be turning the corner: the sleep training is working (!!) and Adam's on his third cup of coffee, so he must be feeling better (for some, that much coffee might be a bad sign; he just really likes his coffee).

In between all that, I checked a few projects off my list:

Top left: I hung a small picture to help fill out my side of the bed and finally got around to touching up the wall paint in our bedroom. It feels so good to walk into the room and not see spackle.
Top right: I found a rug for Hannah's room on one of those quick HomeSense trips. I love the bold orange stripes and it was only $12.99!
Bottom left: I painted and hung the doors in our entryway closet. I used baking soda and hot water to clean layers of brown paint off the hardware (is there anything that stuff can't do?).
Bottom right: Another entryway update: I replaced the mishmash of baskets in the closet with these cute chevron bins from Superstore.

I'll share more details (and better pictures) of the entryway updates this week. Just waiting for the sun to come out!


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