Let's Lay A Cow There

I've been without Internet for a few days.
Sad that it felt so strange to be without.
Anyway, I've always wanted a cowhide rug.
Didn't like the price tags attached to them though.
During one of my every-few-day perusals of Craigslist, then I happened to come across this one.
I love it when you find something and it's about 2 miles from your house.
Good for my pocket-book that it doesn't happen to often.
Our boys don't normally give a hoot owl about what decor decisions I make.
This is one they were very pleased about.
If you ask Lee where the cow is then he heads into the family room.

How has adding a cow to our family changed us, you ask?
He eats very little .(just crumbs really)
He's deadly quiet. (is that too much?)
He doesn't take up too much room. (actually he covers half of it)
Really he's brought much joy and comfort to our lives.
We call him Earl.
Not really.



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