diy gold scissors

I've been obsessing over finding gold scissors for some time but I have yet to see any in my travels so last week as a snow storm rolled into Toronto I got it into my head that I *needed* to make some of my own. I saw some basic scissors when I was at Dollarama (where I got my cork tiles for this post) and decided I would try just spray painting the scissors.

I don't think this project needs any details on the "how to" - Really, all I did was tape off the parts I didn't want painted - and ta-da! Gold Scissors. :) The finish isn't as perfect as you'd see on a real gold pair - but for $1.50 (plus paint) I'm a happy camper. As a side note, I was concerned that maybe the spraying would affect the scissors functioning but there has been no issue. They now sit on display on my work table in the studio. I adore them. :)

Ps., I did start spraying everything in sight gold - Because that's how much fun I was having. So I'll post about that next.

Scissors / Dollarama $1.50
Krylon Premium Gold Paint / Canadian Tire (Under $10)


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