Choosing an area rug for the nursery

Now that the DIY book box is complete, the only thing missing from Hannah's room is a rug. I've rounded up a few different options, but I'm still undecided. Help!

  1. Part of me really wants to add more orange to the room (and I love the herringbone pattern), but I'm hesitant to buy something that may not transition with Hannah as she gets older (will she like orange?) or work in another room.
  2. If this rug came in a slightly smaller size, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I love the colours and it looks like it would be soft to play on (there are better photos on the website).
  3. This rug may be a little too small, but I love the colours and the pattern, and it would work in a few different rooms if we decide to switch things up later on.
  4. This is a nice, budget-friendly option and I like the colour blocking. I don't think it would be the softest spot to play, but that may not matter so much as Hannah gets older.
  5. This is definitely the safest option. I know it will work in the room and it looks comfy too, but is it too safe?

Which one is your favourite? Any tips for choosing an area rug for a kid's room?


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