DIY striped pelmets

My pelmet project took a little longer than I thought. All the steps are easy, but I wasn't sure about the painted stripe, so I waited until they were up to decide. I'm glad I went with the stripe. Oh, and sorry about the dead plant on my side of the bed - I didn't have time to "style" anything for the photos, except the curtains of course.

I followed Jenny's tutorial using foam board from the Dollar Store. I took her duct tape idea one step further, not only using it to hold the foam board together, but also to attach my batting and fabric (I think Jenny used staples for that part). To hang the finished pelmets, I hot glued corner brackets to the sides and attached them to the wall using screws. They feel pretty sturdy, but I'll let you know should one come crashing down on me in the night ;)

Once they were up, I decided to go ahead and paint a stripe. The colour is a metallic champagne and it matches the colour of the drapes perfectly. I didn't have any more of my drapery fabric, so the stripe helps tie it all together. For the actual ties, I just used white grosgrain ribbon. Super easy.

I  still have work to do in this room, but the pelmets are a definite improvement (you can see how the room looked without the pelmets here). They feel more "finished" and I think they work better with the iron headboard (which isn't my first choice for a headboard, but I like that it doesn't block light from the window).

What do you think of pelmets? Made anything primarily with duct tape lately? Any Canadians remember the The Red Green Show?


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