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I'm a day late with my usual Friday post, but we had some family over for dinner last night and I spent most of the day furiously cleaning my house (there was some faint hope that it would make the chaotic painting situation in the kitchen less noticeable - ha!).

I love everything about this dining space, but especially the art. Our dining room could definitely use some colour and I've been toying around with the idea of built-ins like these around the window. As usual, I've got too many projects on the brain and not enough time. Must. finish. painting. kitchen. cupboards.

Happy Easter!

-I think Cadbury creme eggs are delicious on their own, but some of these recipes look ridiculously good
-In case Easter snuck up on you too, some last-minute decorating ideas (#15 is my favourite)
-Wait, there's such a thing as a clean make-up bag?!
-I would love to wake up and find this in my living room
-Pretty spring dresses for $20 or less (OK, some of them are skirts)
-This has become our go-to salad dressing (the salad is pretty good, too)


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