Hannah's monthly photo

Hannah is seven months old today. I caught her in a serious moment during our "shoot" this morning and thought it would be fun to show you what she looks like when she isn't smiling. Love those lips!

Since last month, I've noticed her hair thickening up quite a bit (it's so soft!). She's a dirty blonde right now, but I'm guessing it will darken over time. She's mastered sitting up and loves to make noise; banging objects against any hard surface is a favourite activity. She's attracted to all forms of technology and already reaches for the iPad, iPhone and my laptop's keyboard.

She's working on four teeth right now (two have just broken through and two more are on their way), so of course she tries to bite down on everything in sight. She likes to be tickled (especially under the arms), finds just about everything our dog does hilarious and she loves to pull my hair. Now I know why so many moms cut their hair short. As for food, cereal is a hit, as is plain greek yogurt, avocado and broccoli. She likes carrots, squash and egg yolk OK, but she hated parsnips. The look on her face when she tried them was so funny. Not that I blame her; I hate parsnips too.

I'm taking a photo of Hannah every month until she turns two. You can check out the rest of her monthly photos here.


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