Photo inspiration + weekend links

source: A Cup of Jo

Did you see this San Francisco apartment tour on A Cup of Jo? A family of four, 500 square feet. It's inspiring stuff. I love this home tour because our house is small (we have around 1200 square feet + a basement) and I get tired of clicking on articles promising 'small space solutions' only to find a kitchen that's at least twice the size of ours. Size is relative, I know ;)

Here's my tip for making any space feel larger: fill your home with baby gear for 6+ months, then get rid of it. Now that Hannah's sleeping in her crib and the pack 'n play is no longer in our room, our bedroom feels palatial. The storage room in the basement, on the other hand, keeps getting smaller and smaller...

We're doing a little tile shopping this weekend, so hopefully I'll have something to share with you next week. Happy weekend!

-An interesting look at the 'touch-screen generation'
-Apparently Capote had co-conspirators.
-How to move from Google Reader to Bloglovin (follow me on Bloglovin here)
-12 Pretty Pastel Colored Nurseries (and Hannah's is one of them!)
-I want it to be time for one of these again (Um, snow? That's a not-so-subtle hint to please go away)


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