Signs For Wedding Times

Does Spring make you think of Love and Glorious, Beautiful Weddings?
Me neither.
But if I were single and had a inkling that he may be thinking of nudging towards the alter...
Then now would be a great time to think of weddings.
As a matter of fact, I got married in the Spring.
10 years ago this April.
Great time of year to get married.
I got a bee in my bonnet and painted up some faux chalk wedding signs.

I had these sitting in my front hall for a while.
If 100 people had walked through my front door then 99 of them would run their finger over the painting to see if they could rub off the chalk.
Makes me giggle.
Some of these will be listed in my Etsy store soon.
I'm thinking of running a Spring Sale soon.
Just because I love Spring.

So if you're getting hitched or think you might want to get hitched one day....
Then keep an eye on my Etsy store.
Can't get hitched without a proper sign.
Can you?


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