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Aubrey, Oscar and I made a little trip to Lowes last week to go look at bathtubs. While I entertained Oscar, Aubrey a chance to research the bath tub sizes and talk with some staff members on our options for the tub. I *think* we've found a tub. My only requests were no jets, clean lines and preferably a drop in tub. Also, I'm not a fan of the "peanut" shape, like the third tub in the bottom right hand corner .... I'm a fan of keeping it simple.

As you can see I wandered off from bathtub shopping and started thinking of Spring. I spotted some outdoor firepits that have been on my want list for awhile. We've never gotten one as I have always been confused about our bylaws in our city as to whether we actually can have one. But I *think* we can, so that may be an addition one day.

Also, we looked at sheds as we've realized we really need more storage space. I'm in love with the shed in the upper right hand corner and the price was reasonable. We've been looking into shed companies vs. the Big Box store route and so far the big box store pricing is a lot more economical which I've found a bit surprising.

Anyhow, that was my super exciting trip to the Big box store. Baby steps with the washroom but things will speed up rather quickly I'm sure.


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