Bulletin Board Revamp

I had a burst of creative energy the other night in my office and did a lot of projects to try to give this space  a cohesive look. One change I did was to my huge bulletin board that rests on my cutting/work space desk in my studio. [Blogged about here, and here]. It never got hung because I never really loved it. So here was the "before"....

And the After....

I painted it out white, and added some fabric to soften up the cork board. Now, I'm not going to lie. I felt ill as I touched white paint to the gold frame.  I was exhausted that night and debated whether I was in the right mind to be making creative choices. This was what was going through my mind as I painted ... "Was it going to look "Shabby Chic"? I really don't like shabby chic.I hope it's not too shabby chic. Maybe I'm ok with Shabby Chic". 

So deliriously I just did it - something I likely wouldn't have done if I wasn't a bit loosey goosey from exhaustion. But I love it. Although it *can* be shabby chic it does a better job of blending into my decor than it previously did. It was too dark for the basement and it was too ornate to put anywhere else in my house. (The fabric is actually the same that I used in this project) Sometimes you just have to try something. And I'm glad I did - I love it in the studio. It is softer, and allows other things to stand out. Next up, we have to hang it.


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