No Sew Tent

I have had an obsession with teepee's and I really wanted to get one for Oscar. Buying one turned out to be  expensive , and the DIY method seemed difficult [I don't own a sewing machine]. So I was kind of bummed we wouldn't have one. A few weeks ago, I happened across this post on the blog "Cakies" where Rubyellen made an A-Frame tent. Although her version was 99% perfect, her version still required sewing. So I modified her idea to be a no sew alternative to a teepee and her A-Frame idea. And this is what I made....

I LOVE it. So it's REALLY easy to do. (And so does Oscar as you can see above.) Before I get into my instructions, if you do decide to tackle this project you should see Rubyellens step by step as it is awesome. So my version of the project is broken in to 3 Parts [1] The Frame [2] The Cover and [3] Bunting Flag.

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