Three Cheers For Miss Mustard Seed!

When I first started blogging then I had a few "blogging idols" if I may.

Number one was of course, The Lettered Cottage. Layla and Kevin have a way with decorating that steals my breath away and makes me want to be a kleptomaniac. Everything they do is just yum.

As I explored the blogging world more, there was an up and coming blog that often caught my eye called Miss Mustard Seed.

As time has gone by I have found Marian to be a valuable source of information.
She was my first stop when I went hunting for an art projector to help take my signs to the next level.
When it was time to slipcover this chair, where do you think I went?
Yup, she has a great video tutorial on slip covering.

So a big old shout out to her and a HUGE thank you for featuring my chair on Furniture Feature Friday.


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