I'm loving...purple

Hello, Friday. I've been running here, there and everywhere all week, which means I haven't had time to tackle any of the projects on my 'to do' list. Adam has been not-so-silently cursing me for selling our old nightstands on kijiji before I even started sanding the new ones. Our table lamps, alarm clocks and everything else are on the floor right now, which makes hitting the snooze button challenging (though apparently not challenging enough to stop me from doing it at least four or five times each morning).

Anyway, I've been loving the colour purple lately (it must be the cooler weather) and I definitely want to find a way to incorporate it into our decor for fall. Here's a little purple inspiration for your weekend:

via HouseandHome.com

  I absolutely love this lavender wreath. How cute would it look on a bright yellow door?

via Williams-Sonoma.com

This deep purple dresser is a definite DIY project...

via Pinterest

...and these accessories are an inexpensive way to add a little purple to your home. 
via CrateandBarrel.com

via Pier1.com

I'm in love with these cute little shoes...

via Etsy.com

...and something about this painting of eggplants just makes me happy.
via Etsy.com

Have a great weekend everyone!


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