What we did today

The film crew came this morning at 9am and at 4:15pm we were waving goodbye. It was a long day, especially when you factor in managing a one year old. Aubrey actually did the most of that, but as a Mom you're always not too far removed. ;) One funny thing happened -  just before the filming at the house started, the postwoman handed me my new pillow cases! I bought them for the couch in the basement as the final touch. I love, love stripes (My wardrobe is right now 1/2 stripes) so it is no surprise that my decor is the same. (Take a look at the runner I chose for our stairs)

Between takes, Oscar and I read Brown Bear, Brown Bear on the couch one of his favourite books that was given to him by my Mom. All in all, quite a lovely day. I'll post more pictures in a bit. Right now I'm going to go curl up on the couch, watch TV and not talk. I'm all talked out. :)

Pillow covers by Milk & Cookies Canada.


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