To Market, To Market...

I admit, I got snappy-happy while shooting this sign. My apologies.

I know you're probably getting tired of seeing all these signs, but well, that's what I've been doing lately.

I'm rather in love with the way this one turned out.
I once more felt the longing to hang it on my wall and not take it down.
 I resisted.

Petersburg is an actual city in Virginia.
I have no idea if they have or have ever had a farmers market though.

 I would love to walk down the busy isles of a farmers market today, smell the fresh flowers and see the plump, juicy vegetables. Pumpkins will be out by now and musty smelling mums will light the world with their vibrant colors. A cute linen shopping bag swings carelessly from my hands. I can hear the creaking of the rusty red wagon as my oldest son pulls the other two beside me. Their giggles float into the air and mingle with the smells of fresh baked breads.


Be back later this week...


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