Yard sale-ing

I've been doing more planning than projects lately, which is why the blog has been so quiet. It all started with a door-painting project-gone-wrong that zapped my DIY energy. It was one of those projects I got really excited about, had all planned out, then realized part-way through wasn't going to work (in other words, our interior doors are just too damaged to be salvaged). The good news is that we scored a great deal on some much, much nicer interior doors yesterday! But more about that in a future post...

I got some DIY motivation back on Saturday at Musquodoboit Valley's annual 50-mile yard sale, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. My first find of the day was this $2.00 shadow box:

With a coat of white paint I think it will make a great addition to our gallery wall (I'll likely use it to display some wedding mementos, but we'll see).

Adam scored our next two finds (three if you count a delicious cup of coffee) - a ball-peen hammer ($2) and hacksaw ($3):

I'm not sure why we need a ball-peen hammer, but Adam assures me that you can never own too many hammers.

Along the way, we also picked up:

  1. More upholstery tacks for a future DIY fabric headboard project (50 cents)
  2. A 25-cent plate for my dining room's growing 'plate wall' 
  3. Some great books, including this Reader's Digest collection of funny photos (25 cents per book for a total of $1.25)
(Adam also bought a couple of Led Zepplin tapes for our car. Yes, our car is so old it plays tapes).

But our biggest (literally) find of the day was a pair of solid pine nightstands for $10 each:

They're not much to look at right now, but the plan is to rough 'em up, paint 'em and add some new hardware. I think they're going to look awesome and I'm drooling over all that storage!


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