Simple thank-you gift idea

Our DIY wedding wouldn't have been possible without loads of help from our parents, so of course we wanted to do something to say thanks (aside from actually saying thanks, which we've done many times now). Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of extra money to spend on gifts right now and I can't imagine my parents or parents-in-law wanting any of the thank-you gift ideas I found online (how many engraved objects does one person need?). And since our photographers took so many beautiful pictures that day, we decided to frame a few for my mom, my dad and his wife, and Adam's parents.

I found some pretty silver frames at Winners, all on clearance for $7-$8 (unless you're my parent or parent-in-law, then the frames are solid silver and cost hundreds of dollars). I ordered a few prints and bought a piece of mat board ($3), then got to work with my handheld mat cutter. As an aside, I highly recommend cutting your own mats. It's easy to do (with a little practice) and it's so much cheaper than having custom mats cut (I almost always prefer the look of custom mats to standard mats, even though I cut these to standard-size haha). Eventually I'd like to invest in a heavier-duty model, since my handheld occasionally slips and doesn't do corners as cleanly as I'd like. Anyway, enough about my mat cutter dreams, here's how the frames turned out:

I think this is a nice, simple thank-you gift that our parents will enjoy (at first I told Adam this was my new mantle-decorating idea: an homage to ourselves). Now I just need to find a pretty way to wrap them. 


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