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It's almost the weekend. Yippee! Well. I don't really have weekends like you. Because Aubrey works weekends. But happy early weekend to all of you! To end the week here is a little post about a nice shopping experience I had. Because it's nice to highlight the good companies, don't you agree?

Last week I saw a tweet by @SimplyFrugal  saying that there was a Method  sale over on a website called I headed on over to check it out. You see, I LOVE Method products, but what got me to order was that offers free shipping in Canada. So I ordered, and a few days later [like super quick] my order arrived and I'm now using, and loving my Method cleaning products.

Now, my US friends you may not get the big deal but here in Canada we get shafted on shipping rates a lot. Website that do ship to Canada - always seem to charge. But more often than not, most US website don't ship to us. It's such a bummer. So to find a site that does, and it's no strings attached is pretty newsworthy in my life. So that is all. Just telling you about it. Because I love cleaning and I love myself a good story on how to save money. (Follow @SimplyFrugal, and shop at stores that offer FREE shipping)

* does have a referral program as you can read about here but I'm not doing that, so you don't have to click on any links or mention my name. I just like spreading the word on good companies.


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