A day shopping in Rosedale-Summerhill

Tuesday I spent the afternoon with my Mom. Our destination was to be Farrow & Ball to try to find some wallpaper for her bedroom and bathroom renovation that is going on. But of course when you go to this area in Toronto, you have to stop in at all of the awesome stores. Take a peek at the Rosedale-Summerhill Guide in Toronto Life. The area is a flurry of activity right now with the shops showcasing their winter and holiday wares. (Which I'll be blogging about for Style at Home Magazine) It always amazes me how certain areas of a city are so different. It's a very high end area of the city and I spotted the most fashionable people lunching in the bistros and wonder what they do for a living, what their lives are like. Do you ever wonder that when you step into a wonderland of an area?

[1] We parked in our usual spot by these awesome trees that always love [2] Had a bite to eat at the Rosedale Diner. Please know that the prices are far from diner prices but - the food was absolutely delicious, and in my mind well worth the price for a special treat of lunching with my Mom. [3] After lunch we popped into see Kevin at Chair Table Lamp. Little tidbit of info - Kevin and I attended the same University - Trent. Being a small University, when you find someone who also attended there is an immediate connection. Anyhow, as always the store was packed with awesome treasures. I fell not only for the chair in [4] but the blanket almost came home with me. That pattern was perfect for the upcoming winter ($79). Next we popped into [5] Artifacts that had the most glorious magnolia wreaths that I drooled over. Inside the store is filled to the ceiling with glorious finds. [6] No stop to this area is complete without a pop into L'Atelier that has it's seasonal items out now. It's worthwhile to pop into the store to marvel at their way of combining a mix of unique pieces and we finally made it to Farrow & Ball, our reason for popping into the area. No wallpaper was right for my Moms renovation. So the hunt continues. :)


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