The Evolution Of A Sign

I was so excited when one of my readers contacted me about painting a very special sign.

Below: 4 steps of a 5 step painting process
(There are actually 4 previous steps as well)
1. First coat. (mistake of using some trial colors)
2. After 3 coats of red.
3. The details all added.
4. Sanded and ready for glazing.

Her husbands family founded this company in 1950 (duh) then sold it a few years ago.

Ummm, I already was well acquainted with Edwards Pies.
All my dreams have their Key lime pie in them.

I had a lot of fun painting this sign.
It's bright and vibrant and full of life!

I wish I had an actual pie to eat use in this photo shoot.

Had to make do with some apples.

She wanted the Fish symbol incorporated into the sign as a testament to his grandparents ministry.
It looks right at home there on the server.
And how appropriate.
The Server.

This is another big sign.
 It is 4 feet x 2 feet with wood trim border on it.
They never look that big in photo's.

Thank you to them for giving me the opportunity to paint such a meaningful sign!
I hope the Edwards family is as happy with their new sign as I am with their pies;-)



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