Master Bathroom

Last week I blogged for Style at Home Magazine about my mood board for our upcoming bathroom reno. The bathroom reno hasn't really been talked about a lot on my blog because I was really hoping to delay it as much as possible. The kitchen is really my dream, because I'm in it ALL the time with Oscar, so I was hoping to put our funds into that, vs. a bathroom.

But the reality is, is that the bathroom is showing signs of age and quickly getting worse. A lot of logistics are being factored - would we save money to have the trades for the kitchen and bathroom in all at the same time? Mentally is it better to get all of the mess done at once, so we can just be "done" with it? Really what it comes down to is money - Can we afford to do it all, a bathroom and kitchen at once? Probably not. But maybe.

We're in a lucky position (for budgeting) that our Master Bathroom is SMALL. Like uber small. So that cuts back on expenses right off the bat. Things with our bathroom that we know... 1. Since it is small we don't have much room for creativity of placement of things - so we're not moving plumbing 2. You have to go custom with certain things - like a vanity and 3.You have to really maximize your space well.

In the end, I'm actually excited for the bathroom, because I think it would come together really quickly and we could achieve a great look for not a lot of money if you work in the right pieces. :)

1. Classic White Subway Tile (photo via) 2. Restoration Hardware Medicine Cabinet 3. Lucite Knobs for the vanity 4. Vanity (as inspiration) from Sarah Richardson 5. Need a new tub badly 6. Marble floor much like in our basement bathroom


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