Striped dog bed DIY

That's Maddie, enjoying the dog bed I sewed for her this weekend. It was super easy to make and suits my taste (and budget) much better than dog beds I've seen online and in stores. This was my first time working with piping and I love how it "finishes" the look (I watched a few unintentionally funny YouTube tutorials first - like this one - but I purchased, not made, my piping).

In terms of steps, I sewed the piping onto my striped fabric first, then sewed my two fabric pieces together (you may have noticed that the bottom is leftover fabric from my slipcover project). I left a small opening on one side so I could stuff the bed and then finished it by hand. The stuffing is completely washable, so the whole thing can be periodically tossed in the wash (an obvious must).

In other news, Adam is home! It's so true that absence makes the heart grow fonder - we even happily survived a Costco shopping trip yesterday (Adam and shopping usually don't mix haha). So, what did you get up to this weekend?


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