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Although we're going to do a bathroom reno in the new year we've recently made inexpensive improvements that have made a lot of difference to how our small bathroom functions. I've loved the changes so much that we'll carry through the ideas to the new washroom. First up - Hooks.

I'm not sure if people still install these towel bars [Image 2] but I find them so ackward. You can't just casually hang your towel on one - and if it's wet and you put it back on this bar, it likely won't dry. But for the past three years we've had no where to hang our towels. We could have installed hooks in the washroom iteself - for example, on the back of the washroom door, but it would have been a lot of visual clutter for a small bathroom.

Inspired by the Elmwood Spa, where in their shower stalls they have hooks for your robe, I had Aub install two hooks in our shower stall. There is something nice about showering, and having your towel right there waiting for you. When I'm done, I rehang it in the stall. The hooks are nice for a few reasons. 1. Hooks are easier to hang towels on, than the bars 2. The hooks are behind the shower curtain which means when you're in the washroom and the shower curtain is closed, they aren't seen. Less visual clutter. The hooks are high enough on the wall that they don't get sprayed while you're showering.

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