What didn't get blogged about

Happy end of the week everyone.Here is my usual end of the week post, just quickly telling you all of the things that didn't get blogged about. :)
  • We went looking at fridges for research on Wednesday. Can I tell you something? Fridges are EXPENSIVE. Well, maybe it's more like "Lindsay has expensive taste". (That would likely be more accurate.)
  • Dear Design Gods, I want this house. Maybe because they also have my Lee Jofa Fabric on the couch!
  • Um, on that note - I still can't find that Lee Jofa Fabric to buy. So bummed. (Any more tips? I just really love that particular print)
  • Canadian Tire asked me to be a part of their Holiday Decor Crew. Can't wait to share it.  

That's it. A lot of random little things this week. xo Linds

Update: Sorry, the Lee Jofa fabric links previously linked to an item in my shop, I should totally check my links before I post. It's been fixed.


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